Bombardier ds650 hp

Make Bombardier. Model DS Powersports lending rates as low as 1. Please click above to apply for financing. We offer amazing rates for shipping both internationally and domestic. Domestic shipments are moved via enclosed trailer and fully insured - normally a 2 week window. International shipments are crated and insured for your safety and run weeks from port to port. Call or text us today!

Model DS This machine is a DS! Super Clean and Ready for the Dirt!

bombardier ds650 hp

Model Baja DS To find more info about this item, please visit www. This item can be found by searching lot in the search bar. If you have additional questions, please contact the repocast office Bombardier DS Quad runs great looks good on same set of tires when bought new in comes with some extras call for list.

You can make trade offer for????????????? Very nice quadrunner with low hours for the year, around It has AC racing six pack rack and nerf bars. Omf beadlock wheels, aluminum racing handlebars. Brand new ITP holeshot tires. Has a few extras as you can see. The motor is tight. These Rotax motors are bullet proof.The Bombardier DS was an all-terrain vehicle intended for motocross and other off-road applications.

It was especially suited for sandy terrain; in fact, the "DS" in the name stands for "Dune Sport. The Bombardier DS had a liquid-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke engine with a dual overhead camshaft and a displacement of cc. It had a dry-sump lubrication system and a Mikuni BSR 42 mm carburetor. It had a capacitor discharge ignition system and an electric starter. It had chain drive with a five-speed manual transmission.

Its fuel tank had a capacity of 3. The front brakes were dual hydraulic discs, and the rear brake was single hydraulic disc. The front suspension consisted of dual A-arms with 12 inches of travel.

bombardier ds650 hp

The rear suspension consisted of a single swingarm with The front tires had diameter of 21 inches and width of 7 inches on inch rims. The rear tires had a diameter of 20 inches with a width of 11 inches on 9-inch rims. The wheelbase was Overall, the Bombardier DS measured It cleared the ground at a height of 4. This article was written by the It Still Works team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information.

To submit your questions or ideas, or to simply learn more about It Still Works, contact us.

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Chassis The front tires had diameter of 21 inches and width of 7 inches on inch rims. About the Author This article was written by the It Still Works team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information.Page of Go. Quick Links. See also: Shop Manual. Table of Contents. Safety, vehicle and maintenance information pages. It is backed by the BRP warran- ty and a network of authorized Bom- bardier ATV dealers ready to provide the parts, service or accessories you may require.

Your dealer is committed to your satis- faction. Page 5 6 Fuel Tank Cap Page 7 Skid Plate It is indispens- able for the proper use of the product. This Operator's Guide uses the follow- ing symbols. Please take the time to study this Operator's Guide and all on-product warning labels as well as the Safety Videocassette that came with this vehicle. This vehicle handles differently from other vehicles including motorcycles and cars.

A collision or rollover can occur quickly, even during routine ma- neuvers such as turning and driving on hills or over obstacles, if you fail to take proper precautions. Page 13 Never operate this vehicle on hills too steep for the vehicle or for your abilities. Practice on smaller hills before attempting larger hills. Always follow proper procedures for climbing hills as described further in this Operator's Guide.

Check the terrain carefully before you start up any hill. Page 14 Never exceed the stated load lim- its for this vehicle including opera- tor, all other loads and added acces- sories. Cargo should be properly distributed and securely attached. Reduce speed and follow instruc- tions in this manual for carrying car- go or pulling a trailer. Even though a child may be within the age group for which this vehicle is recommended, he may not have the skills, abilities, or judgment needed to operate this vehicle safely and may be involved in a serious accident.

Even with a long seat that provides unrestricted operator movement, it is not designed nor intended to carry passenger s. Paved surfaces may seriously affect handling and control of this vehicle, and may cause the vehicle to go out of control. In many states or provinces it is illegal to operate ATVs on public streets, roads or highways.Since then a lot has changed in the upper ranks of this hot-bed of monster-sized quads.

Most recently, of course, is the debut of the all new Yamaha YFZ see first test in this issue. While we did not get the new YFZ in time to include it in this shootout, you can be sure we will be taking a detailed look at it in another shootout.

Bombardier DS 650 Specifications

Another machine missing from our earlier March shootout was the Bombardier DS This is clearly the case with the Kawie V-force which has been available since late February. We also felt it was a good idea to stick to the top three machines in the open class for this particular high performance shootout.

We will compare these units in a wide variety of track and trail conditions. This is the first question we get with a shootout such as this. It edged out the Raptor and the Kawasaki V-Force repeatedly in our series of speed runs. With its five-speed manual shift transmission it soon passed the V-Force in our drag race contests.

It stayed pretty much even with the DS until the end of the drag race straightaway, where the DS started to pull ahead by a quad length or two. It was a close race between these two machines for top honors in the drag races with the Kawie lagging behind them by about three to four quad lengths at the end of the straight.

We pitted our three contestants against each other to determine which one had the best power of the bunch.

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This would help us determine which machine had the best and most usable powerband. After repeated testing, and lots of heated debate, the overall winner of our powerband sweepstakes was the Yamaha Raptor. It simply has a vast ocean of torque and horsepower to utilize. All our test riders found that you can lug it a gear high everywhere on the trail and never have a problem with its response. While our test riders liked the high horsepower numbers on the DS, with its high revving motor and strong mid-range hit, it did not seem to have the torque or extreme low-end pull that the Raptor enjoyed.

It actually makes riding fun. Here there was no contest. The fully automatic transmission and broad powerband of the V-Force gave it the top spot. You simply point-and-shoot-it, akin to those simple-to-use cameras.

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It also has a built in reverse to make backing it up much easier in tight woods riding situations. Following in second to the V-Force in terms of ease of use was the Yamaha Raptor.

While it took a bit more skill to use the manual shift gearbox, the fact that it has such a broad power spread and is much narrower than the DS makes it a lot more nimble handling and fun in the woods. Like the V-Force, the Raptor also has a reverse gear to make turn-arounds much easier on the trail. The DS was voted the least ride-r friendly of the three units we tested.

It does have a meaty mid-range but it is the largest in terms of physical size of the three machines. The Raptor is still the lightest and easiest to flick around of the bunch at only pounds dry. The battle of handling between these three machines was one of the toughest categories in our shootout. Each machine handles differently from the others.Are you looking for that perfectly custom built racing engine for your bike?

If so, you're in the right place. Engines Selection. Rotax DS Click on an image below to view a larger, more detailed version.

OMW-4 cams produce smooth tractable power in the lower rpm range and come on with a wall of power from rpm.

Riding Double On Bombadier DS 650

Works best with cc engines. OMW-5 cams are for drag racing only. OMW performs modifications to strengthen this journal through " cryo " treating the crank and machining a radius to improve crank life.

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These modifications are performed on all of our stroker cranks. Simply pull your stock cylinder and piston off and put this one on. It increases displacement to cc.

Includes new It can be setup for Couple this cylinder with the 5mm stroker for a cc monster or use the long skirt version of this cylinder with the 8mm stroker for cc of ground thumping power.

Website Design and Development by. Travis N. DS Cams OMW-3 cams produce explosive torque and horsepower from rpm for stock bore and big bore engines.What is the fastest stock ATV from the factory without needing modifications? A lot of people need to modify their quads in order to increase their top speed. But doing so could void manufacturers warranties.

Of course we will look at top speed, but we also want quick acceleration from the start. These ATVs are listed in order of top speed and horsepower.

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Everyone rides differently, you may be able to ride number 6 faster than you could number 3, every rider is different. As you can tell, engine size matters. The bigger the engine the faster the quad, usually.

2004 Bombardier DS 650

But engine type matters as well. For instance the LT Quadzilla was made in and is still on the top ten fastest list. Because of its cc two-stroke engine, it can hit top speeds higher than the Raptor which is a four-stroke.

Also keep in mind, a lot of quads being made today have limiters and restricters keeping them from reaching their full potential. This is a safety feature meant to keep people from going too fast and hurting themselves.

A lot of times you can take the limiters off the machine, but this post is all about no modifications. Lets take a closer look at each quad.

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The Polaris Scrambler S comes stock at 89 horsepower with At 55 inches wide, this quad will dominate on off-road terrain, and has one of the highest top speeds of any ATV ever built. To learn more visit the Polaris website here. Made with a powerful rotax engine, these things come fast from the factory. You can even order one stock with upgraded tires and a snorkeled engine if you just love the mud. To find out more visit the Can-Am website here. This was before the Renegade and the Scrambler above.

This one is more of a utility ATV but can definitely get up to speed. Unfortunately, the Thundercat is no longer on Arctic Cats website because they stopped making them. With dynamic power steering at 48 inches wide, the handling and stability are also top notch. The 91 HP is most useful for towing and carrying weight around, but unloaded, it will scream down a straight-away. To see more info visit the Can-Am website here. Quadzilla came out in and was only produced for 3 years.

But the Suzuki LT was known to get above 80 mph. This two-stroke was more than fun to ride, and is still loved by performance enthusiast around the world.Bombardier's big DS is a contemporary of Honda's EX, but the rest of the quads in this test came hot on each other's heels after the Raptor appeared in Recovering from a shaky start inCannondale brought out a bevy of models inincluding the high-revving Cannibal.

Suzuki and Polaris joined the fray this year with a andrespectively, while Kawasaki used its alliance with Suzuki to the best advantage and co-opted a of its own. Thankfully, unlike other motorsports disciplines such as street and off-road motorcyclingATV choices are not homogenized because of overzealous racing programs becoming the sole research instrument for new-model development. With motorcycles, the differences come down to mere nuances, where one might have a better powerband, while the suspension feedback on another provides better agility.

With sport ATVs, you have the choice of some major variations in machine designs that will suit a wider number of potential riders. With Kawasaki's introduction of the V-Force page 52the quest for ultimate high performance is no longer a run-what-you-brung affair. It's been fragmented into lightning-quick s that only skilled operators should attempt to tackle, as well as even faster big-bore monsters that push the performance envelope further at the expense of a few pounds and some handling manners.

Welcome to our meeting of the tribes and big-bore, racer and recreational rider--all coming together in search of the ultimate rush on sand, dirt and groomed motocross track. Unfortunately, the strongest was also the biggest and heaviest--by a lot. This simple fact was its undoing in this match-up of the quickest, fleetest and lightest. It did have its good points, though. The second biggest motor in the test, Bombardier's DS was first in both our hillclimb test and top-speed runs. Its water-cooled cc Rotax engine possessed a broad, linear powerband and dispensed power via a five-speed manual gearbox without reverse.

The DS 's hefty claimed dry weight of pounds was suspended by long-travel shocks that gave an exceptionally plush ride. Despite having more suspension travel than the Raptor, the DS never felt too tall and was aided in its plushness by sitting deep in the suspension's stroke due to a lot of "static sag.

The "DS" in DS stands for "Dune Sport," so one would intuitively believe it would be a big winner in the loose sandy stuff. In reality, reactions to Da Bomb were mixed on our opening day at Dumont Dunes. There was no doubt the motor was perfectly matched to the surface; sand is a known power sapper, and the DS showed little sign of slowing down in the shifting drifts.

Power was not only abundant but easy to use; unless you have little control over your right thumb, you'll have no trouble harnessing the power of the DS, especially in the sand. Handling was responsive and stable. Due to the heft of the machine, though, you won't be tossing this one around.

You must drive it like a car; point it where you want to go, thumb the throttle and it goes where pointed. This detached feeling was amplified in reverse proportion to your weight; little guys really disliked Da Bomb.

Our smaller testers felt as though they were just along for the ride instead of being the ones in control. However, we're not all made in the same mold, so big guys and we mean really big guysfrustrated by the lack of choices available to them, will want to give the DS a good, hard look.

bombardier ds650 hp

After all, if you're pushin'what's an extra 80 pounds on your quad? On the motocross track, the weight issue came to the fore. While only a mild inconvenience in the dunes, all that extra weight really hurt when you're asking a machine to land a plus-foot jump.

Da Bomb's plush, long-travel suspension did what it could to absorb the hits but was ultimately overwhelmed in the jump-happy land of moto. In fact, riders in search of big air found that not only was the machine heavy, but it's also front-heavy and tended to nose-down on jumps.

bombardier ds650 hp

Cornering in the churned-up MX corners was much like in the dunes, just scarier, as remote-control steering didn't allow heroic saves when things got ugly and started to tip.

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