England summer holiday coach tours ielts reading answers

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Toggle navigation Exam Word. Its contents include real test questions in all general reading sections and show by test date. The passage was talking about applying for a work exchange program gap fill and office air quality gap fill. The first passage was talking about community notices. The passage was talking about job opportunities in diving industry. The last long passage was talking about Vikings Ship.

The first passage was talking about electricity consumption and meter reading. The passage was talking how to advertise a product. The last long passage was talking about Meerkats. The first section was talking about the kites. The last section was talking about installing energy efficient meter. The first section was talking about rental car service. Answer in two Words.

england summer holiday coach tours ielts reading answers

The section was about a park. Answer in One word. The last section was talking about the world memory championship. True and False, Answer in one Word. The first section was talking about multiple types of research and theories on the history of language. The section was about travel Agency in Australia helping students with travel in Europe and Australia. The section was talking about Lemur Zoo in Australia. The first section was talking about weather in Canada and how the body protects itself.

The first section was talking about carbon sequestration process. The section was about the list of advertisements: match the advertisement with the statement.You can score whole e.

The IELTS scoring system is very unique composed of 9 bands, measured in consistent manner and is internationally acclaimed and understood. The individual result from these four parts will produce an overall band score The total test time is 2 hours and 45 minutes.

The Listening, Reading and Writing tests are done in one sitting. Generally, when you take any test or exam then there can be the possibility of getting passed or failed. But here in this case, you will not get failed but you may be disqualified to continue your higher education in choice of college or university. Inter-exchange operates these programs for students all around the world.

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It offers you trained and traveled staff, plus full support during the application process. You can choose any job that interests you anywhere in the USA, whether that is working in a law firm in Boston, a famous ski resort in Colorado or serving coffee and doughnuts in the buzzing streets of New York. You can select the period you work and the period you travel; you may want to work for 1 month and travel for 3 or work the entire duration of your stay.

The choice is yours. Questions Do the following statements agree with the information given in the advertisement. In boxes on your answer sheet, write. The program cost includes internal flights within the USA. Emergency assistance offered in the program includes legal advice. Inter-exchange offers similar programs in countries other than the USA.

Inter-exchange is part of a government program. There are no restrictions on the type of job you can do. There is an upper age limit for applicants. Questions Each of the short paragraphs below gives information about Arthur Phillip College. Read each paragraph and choose which of the linked sections of the website, A-Lwould contain this information.

Write the correct letter A-L in boxes on your answer sheet. All students receive a transcript of results and relevant award documentation when they end their studies with the College. On enrollment, all students receive automatic membership to the Social Club and Public Speaking Club. Students may choose to participate in any arranged activities. The College encourages and promotes interaction between students and teaching and non-teaching staff.

Successful completion and the achievement of an A or B result in some courses will enable students to achieve advanced standing in these subjects if they proceed to university study.

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For a list of the courses acceptable to a particular university, e-mail us your request with the name of the university and the course you are interested in. Arthur Phillip College is one of the top business colleges in Sydney, Australia.

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The College offers a wide range of educational and training programs in business and related areas. Its accredited vocational training courses are designed to meet the needs of individual students and industry.

At Arthur Phillip College you will learn from lectures, seminars, case studies, group projects, individual assignments and class workshops.

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Lectures and seminars present concepts and ideas and provide for question-and-answer sessions. Students are expected to take an active role in the learning process through class participation, presentations and projects.In fact, I rarely leave town unless there is a family vacation or a company trip. I guess the main reason I dislike travelling is the burden of booking tickets and finding accommodation.

Of all public holidays, I like Independence Day the most. Around this time of the year, the atmosphere on the streets is always super vibrant and lively. As far as I know, there are tourists visiting during Independence Day, but rather than because of the holiday, it is mainly due to the lovely autumn weather in September.


We love hosting big parties and inviting relatives over. Yes, especially on special occasions like my birthday. The gift I remember the most is a big doll. I still remember vividly my dad gave me that doll on my 8th birthday party. I only love giving gifts to my relatives or close friends.

I consider gifts as a symbol of love, so I only give my love to my loved ones. Just some non—material gifts because at that time, I only received a little pocket money from my parents. I just could afford some small gifts like pencils, notebooks and things like that. Skip to content. Holidays 1. Do you like travelling? What is your favourite holiday? Are there many tourists visiting your country during that holiday?

What do you often do on holidays? Do you like to receive gifts? What kind of gifts do you like to receive? What gifts did you receive in your childhood? Do you like giving gifts to people? What gifts did you give to others in your childhood?Recycling at work - handy hints to employers It is estimated that avoidable waste costs UK businesses up to 4.

Reducing waste in the workplace is about being efficient. By becoming more efficient, businesses not only increase profits but they also save natural resources. On the island of Jersey, for example, the amount of waste produced each year has doubled since A lot of waste for a small island! Setting up a company scheme Waste audit Before starting a recycling scheme, perform an audit.

This will make you aware of how much waste you are producing in the company. Company policy Consider switching your office waste contractor to one that provides a recycling service. Buy recycled paper. Although this is sometimes more expensive, costs can be reduced by lowering consumption and using duplex printers.

For example, see which can reduce their waste the most within a specific time period. Staff will then see the impact their actions are having. The waste paper will inevitably be produced in the workplace, but it is not necessary to discard it.

It can serve a variety of purposes before it is recycled, such as writing notes. Envelopes too can be re-used for internal mail. Plastic cups Rather than supplying disposable plastic cups in your workplace, get ceramic mugs that can be re-used. Electrical equipment Rather than giving up on any old electrical equipment and just throwing it away, why not try upgrading it? This reduces waste, as well as avoiding the need to manufacture a new machine - a process which creates a large amount of waste.

You could also consider donating your old computers to charities when it comes to replacing them. Questions Answer the questions below. Write your answers in boxed on your answer sheet. What does the writer think should be carried out in a company before it starts recycling? What machines can help to cut the stationery budget?

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What can be displayed in the workplace to publicise the recycling scheme? What can be distributed to motivate staff to recycle more?Please refresh the page and retry.

Refusing to give a cash refund and offering a credit note for a future holiday instead seems to be a trend among highly-stressed operators.

Rory Boland, Editor of Which? Travel, said: "The rules around package holidays are clear — if extraordinary circumstances mean a trip has to be cancelled then the operator should refund the traveller, so it's very concerning to hear reports that some are refusing to offer refunds to people who want them.

england summer holiday coach tours ielts reading answers

The problem is, as Which? There is no doubt that the whole travel industry is facing an existential threat at the moment.

IELTS Speaking: How to Talk about Holidays

The Government will certainly have to step in at some point, but even so, some tour operators and airlines may well collapse. I wish I could answer this question. I certainly hope so. If not, then all of us will be in a very serious situation. But it does seem possible that people at high risk from Covid because of their age or underlying health might still be advised against taking undue risks for a matter of months to come. Although the Government has called for everyone to avoid gatherings and crowded places, such as pubs, clubs and theatres and for those in the higher risk groups or showing symptoms to stay at home and be shielded from social contact where possible, there is no outright ban which prevents people from jumping in their car or on a train for, for example, a weekend in an AirBNB by the sea, or a couple of weeks in a cottage in Cornwall.

Much depends on your planned departure date. Most cruise lines are cancelling their cruises until the end of April - in which case you should get a refund. If you would like to remain anonymous, please disclose this when you ask your question. If you believe you may have been exposed to the virus or have any other concerns then you should follow government advice.

A worried parent says:. Should she come home or hope the travel situation improves over the next few months? If that happens, and surely it will, travel and tourism in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos is bound to be affected. Flights may also be suspended - which has sometimes been happening at very short notice. My girlfriend lives in Germany and I have asked if I can still go.

They tell me that they can't stop me but will I get turned away from Germany when I land? The restrictions look set to last for 30 days initially. A great question here via email that asks for a clearer definition on the Government's advice. I am in a long distance relationship due to work commitments and had planned to move to his home country upon completion of my working commitments this summer. We are not married and do not own a home together and because I am not a citizen and do not currently hold a residents permit to his country, I fear that travel to visit my partner will not be considered essential.

Even so, your situation would probably fall on the non-essential side of the line.

Coronavirus Q&A: UK travel ban - ask our experts

I am due to fly out this Friday with Qatar airways. Due to the advice given by FCO I am not going ahead with this travel. The travel agency is not responding, am I entitled to a refund? I also have travel insurance with nationwide Flexplus so should my next step be to contact them? If the flights are cancelled then it is the agency who should process the refund - though they are probably overwhelmed with enquiries at the moment.

You need to check that to be sure that he would be allowed into the country if he does fly because there is now a day ban on travel to the Schengen area unless you are a citizen or have residence rights.It's all here in the blog.

england summer holiday coach tours ielts reading answers

Post a Comment. March 12, Where did Louise spend her summer holidays? Europe…………………… 1. How much was a Eurailpass Youth Ticket? How many European countries did Louise's ticket allow her to travel to?

How old must you be if you want to purchase a Eurailpass Youth ticket? Bags Be 9 …………………………….

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Unknown December 19, at AM. June 20, Without this factor, movement of one product to another, either local or imported, would be a great feat.

This essay will discuss the advantages and drawbacks of both. Great developed countries like the US, the UK and Japan, to mention a few, are known for their state-of-the-art railway system. These railways provide fast and quality service that benefits both the citizens and their economy.

However, for nations that are not blessed with a high GDP and GNP rate, construction of railways can be the least of their priorities. Railroads take up large amount of land and uses a lot of money. Moreover, its construction could last for a much longer time than improving roads.

Also, countries that are composed of islands like the Philippines, would find it rather complicated to create a railroad that conne…. Read more. November 28, As such, it is not surprising that some individuals believe the significance of creating new lines between cities and upgrading the transports that are being used now.Forgot your password? Not a member? Sign up for free membership!

Saving the world is something we all wish we could do but may never get the chance. One way we can make a contribution is through our daily lives and the choices we make. But those of us who would like to do something this summer instead of sitting at home or on the beach now can without sacrificing a well earned break.

E-Hols offer Eco Holidays in the exotic location of Costa Rica where holidaymakers can enjoy themselves in a less environmentally damaging way and have the holiday of a life time. For holidaymakers like me, used to travelling in style and staying in four and five star hotels in Europe, an Eco Holiday can be a bit of a shock to the system.

On my first day I was bustled into a local bus and travelled 60 km in scorching heat which took over 3 hours. As we drove through the wild vegetation in his 4 by 4 to my wooden hut for the next 2 weeks he pointed out the vast array of iguanas, toucans and monkeys dotted throughout the reserve. In excess of other species of birds are also said to be in the rainforest and along the rocky coastline on the borders of the park.

For many of these creatures Jose Bondita is a safe refuge away from poachers and the animal trade. Everything on the site is environmentally friendly from the natural gas used to power the vehicles to the solar power for heating the water and all the amenities. Even the vegetables are grown locally and completely GM and pesticide free. Sustainability is paramount according to Mr Bonita who is keen to avoid turning the park into a tourist destination. Bondita is adamant that his park will not become commercialised.

He asserts his desire to couple education and conservation, 2 themes which his park is built on. On my second day we headed off into the unknown on a jeep safari at dusk through the indescribably beautiful scenery. Looking for further excitement I later opted for a zip line tour of the rainforest canopy but turned down bungee jumping off the cliff. Although I still found time for some relaxing strolls and late night fire side chats with other visitors, all of whom were left amazed by the whole experience.

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